US Market Review 29th April 2021

by Charalambos Constantinides

Nasdaq recorded record highs in April with an all time high at 14059.50. The ROC (Rate of Change) indicator presents a neutral situation as it is sitting exactly on the zero line. The price is trading in a range between 14059.50 and 13701.50. A break above the 14059.50 level will signal a new all time high rally while a break below the 13701.50 level will reverse the uptrend. Important support lines at 13289.00, 12627 and 12199.50 levels derived from previous daily bottoms as well as the tentative uptrend line that is formed from the March 5th bottom.

• The US markets will be full of activity for today as Crude Oil inventories open the news sequence , followed by important FOMC Statement, US Federal Funds Rate and the FOMC Press Conference. (Add US Crude analysis here tomorrow morning 28/04/2021)

• At 12:30 GMT we have the US Advance GDP quarter vs quarter data but in annualized form that shows the GDP Change per quarter. The Advance release is the earliest and thus tends to have the most impact.

• At 12:30 GMT the advance GDP Price index quarter vs quarter is also due. This indicates the change in the price of all goods and services included in Gross Domestic Product.

• At 12:30 GMT US Unemployment claims are also expected to be announced which basically is the number of individuals who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time during the past week. If unemployment claims drop it usually impacts the currency positively. The forecast is expected at 545,000 vs the 547,000 claims announced last week.

• At 14:30 GMT the Natural Gas storage inventories will be announced, which is Change in the number of cubic feet of natural gas held in underground storage during the past week. The previous storage surplus was at 38B cubic feet announced last week.

US Indices yesterday :

• Dow Jones -0.48%
• S&P 500 -0.08%
• Nasdaq -0.28%