Financing Fee:


The financing fee is calculated on the open positions left overnight. It will be debited at 00:00 GMT, according to the following:


In FX the financing fee is calculated as a 0.015% of the overnight exposure.

For Cryptocurrencies the financing fee is 2.00%. Please refer to the Cryptocurrencies Risk Disclaimer.

On CFDs the financing fee will be calculated as 0.015% of the overnight contract value in US Dollars.


Leverage Trading Conditions


Default Leverage for new inexperienced clients who did not pass the appropriateness test, is set at 1:40. If a lower Leverage applies for the traded instrument, then the lower Leverage prevails.

Foreign Exchange currency (Forex) CFDs 1:40
Commodities CFDs:
• Rest of Commodities

Indices CFDs 1:40
Single Stocks CFDs 1:10
Cryptocurrencies CFDs 1:1
Protected Positions 1:20

Default Leverage for experienced new clients who passed the appropriateness test, is set at 1:50. If a lower Leverage applies for the traded instrument, then the lower Leverage prevails.

Foreign Exchange currency (Forex) CFDs 1:50
Commodities CFDs:
• Rest of Commodities

Indices CFDs 1:50
Single Stocks CFDs 1:10
Cryptocurrencies CFDs 1:1
Protected Positions 1:20

Maximum Leverage applicable at the client’s request:

Foreign Exchange currency (Forex) CFDs 1:200*
Commodities CFDs:
• Rest of Commodities

Indices CFDs 1:100
Single Stocks CFDs 1:10
Cryptocurrencies CFDs 1:1
Protected Positions 1:20

* (1) Maximum Leverage does not apply to inexperienced clients. Inexperienced clients can choose a Leverage of up to 1:100.

(2) For clients with Polish jurisdiction, the maximum Leverage is up to 1:100 (Effective as of 16/7/2015). If a lower Leverage applies for the traded instrument, then the lower Leverage prevails.


Available client options for Leverage:

MT4 Leverage Options PROfit Leverage Options
1:1 1:1
1:2 1:2
1:10 1:10
1:20 1:20
1:25 1:25
1:33 1:40
1:50 1:50
1:75 1:75
1:100 1:100
1:125* 1:150*
1:150* 1:200*

* Not available to clients with Polish jurisdiction.


Administrative Fee:
Inactive Trading Account (i.e. absence of trading activity for a period of six months or more ) is charged 33.33 USD per month, quarterly.


Non-USD denominated CFD's:

The Stocks or Indices offered via CFDs that are not denominated in USD (i.e. EUR, GBP,AUD, SEK, PLN etc.) are all represented and displayed on the platform in USD. This means that when trading such instruments the displayed prices are USD and the resulting profit or loss from trading them is also calculated in USD.


Minimum distance stop and trailing stop orders:

Stop and trailing stop orders must be placed at a 15 pips minimum distance to market prices.

Market Hours

FXGM offers trading with gold, silver and oil as well as currencies 24-hours a day, five days a week.


Market hours are as follows:

For currencies: Sunday 22:00:01 through Friday 21:00:00 GMT (24/5) 
For CFDS, commodities, indices and stocks trading hours please click here.

Type Instrument **Spreads in Value
Margin FX spot AUD/CAD 0.0010
Margin FX spot AUD/CHF 0.0004
Margin FX spot AUD/JPY 0.06
Margin FX spot AUD/NZD 0.0020
Margin FX spot AUD/USD 0.0003
Margin FX spot CAD/CHF 0.0004
Margin FX spot CAD/JPY 0.06
Margin FX spot CHF/JPY 0.04
Margin FX spot EUR/AUD 0.0010
Margin FX spot EUR/CAD 0.0010
Margin FX spot EUR/CHF 0.0004
Margin FX spot EUR/GBP 0.0003
Margin FX spot EUR/JPY 0.03
Margin FX spot EUR/NOK 0.0100
Margin FX spot EUR/NZD 0.0010
Margin FX spot EUR/PLN 0.0010
Margin FX spot EUR/RUB 3.00
Margin FX spot EUR/USD 0.0003
Margin FX spot GBP/AUD 0.0010
Margin FX spot GBP/CAD 0.0020
Margin FX spot GBP/CHF 0.0004
Margin FX spot GBP/JPY 0.06
Margin FX spot GBP/NZD 0.0010
Margin FX spot GBP/PLN 0.0010
Margin FX spot GBP/USD 0.0003
Margin FX spot NZD/CAD 0.0010
Margin FX spot NZD/CHF 0.0004
Margin FX spot NZD/JPY 0.10
Margin FX spot NZD/USD 0.0003
Margin FX spot USD/CAD 0.0003
Margin FX spot USD/CHF 0.0004
Margin FX spot USD/JPY 0.03
Margin FX spot USD/MXN 0.6000
Margin FX spot USD/NOK 0.0100
Margin FX spot USD/PLN 0.0010
Margin FX spot USD/RUB 3.00
Margin FX spot USD/SGD 0.0025
Margin FX spot USD/ZAR 0.0100
CFD Cryptocurrency  BTC/USD 5.00%***
CFD Cryptocurrency  Ethereum 5.00%***
CFD Cryptocurrency  Ripple 5.00%***
CFD Cryptocurrency  Litecoin 5.00%***
CFD Cryptocurrency  Dash 5.00%***
CFD Cryptocurrency  Mini BTCUSD 5.00%***
CFD Commodity spot ALUMINIUM 4.00
CFD Commodity spot GOLD 0.50
CFD Commodity spot SILVER 0.04
CFD Commodity spot TIN 36.00
CFD Commodity spot ZINC 4.00
CFD Equity Adidas 0.18
CFD Equity ALIBABA 0.15
CFD Equity AMAZON 1.00
CFD Equity APPLE 0.25
CFD Equity Barclays 0.50
CFD Equity BBVA 0.03
CFD Equity BMW 0.18
CFD Equity BOEING 0.30
CFD Equity Boliden AB 0.70
CFD Equity COCA COLA 0.06
CFD Equity Danone 0.13
CFD Equity EBAY 0.06
CFD Equity EDF 0.04
CFD Equity Enel 0.02
CFD Equity Eni 0.04
CFD Equity FACEBOOK 0.15
CFD Equity Ferrari  1.00
CFD Equity Gas Natural 0.04
CFD Equity Gold Fields Ltd 22.00
CFD Equity Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 0.15
CFD Equity GOOGLE 1.10
CFD Equity Iberdrola 0.02
CFD Equity Inditex 0.05
CFD Equity INTEL 0.04
CFD Equity KGH 1.00
CFD Equity LM Ericsson B 0.10
CFD Equity L'OREAL 0.50
CFD Equity LXTICA 0.10
CFD Equity McDonalds 0.20
CFD Equity MTN Group Ltd 60.00
CFD Equity Nordea Bank AB 0.40
CFD Equity Old Mutual plc 16.00
CFD Equity Peugeot 0.02
CFD Equity Pfizer 0.04
CFD Equity PGE 0.10
CFD Equity PKN 1.00
CFD Equity PKO 0.10
CFD Equity REPSOL 0.04
CFD Equity SAIPEM 0.04
CFD Equity Sandvik AB 0.40
CFD Equity Santander 0.60
CFD Equity SASOL Ltd 190.00
CFD Equity SEB A 0.40
CFD Equity SSAB A 0.10
CFD Equity Swedbank 0.90
CFD Equity Tata Motors 0.50
CFD Equity Tata Steel 0.35
CFD Equity Telia Sonera AB 0.20
CFD Equity Svenska Handelsbank 0.56
CFD Equity Total 1.00
CFD Equity Twitter 0.10
CFD Equity UBI Banca 0.02
CFD Equity UNISPA 0.02
CFD Equity Volvo B 0.50
CFD Index ASX 200 4.00
CFD Index Bolsa Argentina  75.00
CFD Index Bolsa Colombia  20.00
CFD Index Bolsa Mexico 300.00
CFD Index BOVESPA 300.00
CFD Index Bolsa Peru 1.20
CFD Index CAC40 4.00
CFD Index DAX 5.00
CFD Index Dow Jones 35.00
CFD Index FTSE  6.00
CFD Index IBEX 10.00
CFD Index MIB40 20.00
CFD Index Nasdaq 2.50
CFD Index NIFTY 2.00
CFD Index Nikkei 25.00
CFD Index OMXS30 7.40
CFD Index S&P 500 2.00
CFD Index WIG20 4.00
CFD Commodity Brent Oil 0.12
CFD Commodity COFFEE 0.50
CFD Commodity COPPER 0.02
CFD Commodity Corn 0.80
CFD Commodity Cotton 0.14
CFD Commodity Crude Oil 0.06
CFD Commodity Palladium 1.50
CFD Commodity PLATINUM 2.50
CFD Commodity Sugar 0.03
CFD Commodity Wheat 1.00

**For full account types and their spreads in value. Click here

***The spread on cryptocurrencies is calculated at approximately 5.00% of the underlying instrument value. The company will periodically and at its own discretion review the charges accordingly depending on the instrument volatility and the corresponding increase or decrease in the price. Please always refer to the Trading Conditions webpage to keep up to date with possible changes.
Example calculation Cryptocurrencies:
One BTCUSD price is $9,900 therefore $9,900 X 5.00% = $495.00 spread.
The Company will in this case charge $500.00 until another review takes place.
For the Key Information Document for CFDs in Cryptocurrencies please click here.

CFDs and FX are leveraged products. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. Please refer to the full Risk Disclaimer.

Disclaimer: FXGM ( is a brand name of Depaho Ltd, a registered Cypriot Investment Firm authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (, with license no. 161/11 and authorised by the FSB (, authorisation no. 47709. “Contracts for Difference” (CFDs) are usually leveraged products. Trading Over-The-Counter (OTC) CFDs related to commodities, Forex, Indices and Shares, carries a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your investment. As such, CFDs may not be appropriate and/or suitable for all investors. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before deciding to trade, you should be aware of all the risks associated with OTC CFDs trading, and seek advice from an independent and suitably licensed financial advisor. Past performance does not constitute a reliable indicator of future results. Future forecasts do not constitute a reliable indicator of future performance. The information provided by Depaho Ltd is general information that should not be interpreted as investment advice.